What I found and what I wore

I cant wait to dive in!

This dress was one I considered buying but didnt after I saw the price tag. ( I am a cheap estate sale shopper )

One of the pairs of earrings that I bought.

These are all of the chains I bought.

What do you think of the birds I purchased?

I am so excited that Estate and garage sales are starting back up in full swing!  This morning I went to an  two Estate Sales!  Excitement was in the air in digging through the piles of vintage goodies.  I usually bee line towards the bedroom closets while my Mom and sister just meander through the house.  I get pumped up about the closets, especially when they are stuffed.  All three of the closets were stuffed to the max.  But surprisingly most of the clothes were suit sets and pants.  Today I found a funky floral shirt and a really cool knit vest.  I am probably going to wear my new shirt tucked into the short I wore today.  I am not quite sure of how I am going to wear the vest yet.  ( I did not get the scarf in the picture. To me 6.00 is a bit much for a scarf and besides I dont really wear scarves that much. )  Also I got a lot of chains to use in my jewelry creations.  Spring and summer are a good time to stock up because is seems like in the winter there is not as many jewelry stuff to choose from.  Hey maybe its just because it cold and I dont really want to go out in the blustery weather to garage and Estate Sales.  The pictures below are what I wore to both Estate Sales. 

Shirt- Vintage::: Cardigan- Forever 21 ( Here is another post with the cardigan )::: Shorts- Vintage pants converted to shorts::: Shoes- Target::: Necklace- Vintage Charm


  1. Wow! What fun! You have a great eye for one so young.

  2. WOW fab finds Callie..LOVE those earings!!

  3. grand, miss! you have some gusto.

  4. What a great collection of finds- the clothes look so exciting, would love a rummage through that, pretty crochet top too, I love your styling and pictures!

  5. Very cute. The season has not yet begun here, but there was one listing. When I ventured out it had been cancelled.
    Next weekend is a rummage-a-rama at the fairgrounds.

  6. i almost fell over when i saw those amazing AMaZING earrings. you have got something special going on.
    and i saw in your profile that you love gone with the wind. that's my fave book, movie, thing, noun. my daughter's name is scarlett.



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