The Buckhorn Motel

Every year on Spring Break, my family travels to Arizona to visit my grandparents.  Close by their house is a really cool place called the Buckhorn Baths Motel.  It was closed in 1999 and was quickly overgrown by desert agriculture.  I have noticed that the past couple of years it has been slowly fixed up.   One of the cool things on the property is a retaining wall made from old indian grinding stones. This is the place where cowboys would come into town and exchange indian grinding stones for a hot soak. I wish we could look farther but there are a lot of Keep Out signs posted everywhere.  My grandparents said that there was an article in the paper about it saying that since the 103 year old owner died, its about time that a commercial site be built there. ( Walgreens is across the street ).   But is appears that it has been bought and that person has been making it beautiful again. 

To learn more about the Buckhorn Motel you can go here to learn about the 400+ taxidermy collection click here

I thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot by my favorite Arizona landmark.

Shirt- Estate Sale ::: Shorts- Vintage pants altered::: Belt- Target::: Shoes- Clarks outlet::: Purse- Arizona Goodwill

Here is a google earth view of the Motel


  1. it's looking so handsomely david linch-style too! great vintage place, i would have had my day, shooting film there... n♥

  2. What a fun little place, love that big motel sign!



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