The story of a vintage coat and its transformation

This coat was one of my all time favorite estate sale finds. Found in the back of a dusty old closet, the rust colored goody was waiting for me to apply some TLC. For 25.00, it was too good to pass up. I knew it had great potential but didn't know even where to start. One of my good friends, Heather, helped me transform the coat. The sleeves were too short so we used the extra fabric that was cut off from the bottom of the coat to lengthen the sleeves. I think the transformation turned out wonderful don't you think?

Coat- Vintage::: Plaid Shirt- Target::: Jeans- Aeropostale::: Boots- UGG::: Earrings- Vintage

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What I found and what I wore

Dress-  Scrapbook::: Cardigan- Forever 21::: Belt- Rue 21::: Jeans- Target::: Socks- Dillard's::: Moccasins- Minnetonka 

Hi everyone! I have to say that I wore this outfit yesterday, but forgot to take a picture of todays outfit before it got to dark. Now that I am taking more pictures of my outfits, I have to start getting creative about where the photo shoots will be. This set of picture were taken in my backyard wilderness. I did go Estate Sale shopping and the pictures below show what I bought.

I was so excited that I bought the whole box of vintage floral and ribbon for only 20 dollars!

If you look closely there are sparkles clinging to each branch.

Very cool chenille stick poinsettas.

I was sad that I only found one of these pink beauties.

The silver fabric leaves remind me of a ginko leaves.

I snatched a whole package of the gold peacock feathers. They look amazing in the sunlight.

There is 18 feet of the tinsle garland. In love!

All of the ribbon here was stuffed in a huge box in this old bathroom in a basement. I LOVE the red chenille one.

The house that all of these vintage finds came from didnt seem to have been updated since the seventies. So there was some really funky wallpaper in the house. ( No green or orange shag carpet though! ) My favorite wallpaper was in a HUGE bathrom on the main level that had royal blue foil with a tan/brown velvet damask overlay. I wish I could have been able to take a piece home with me! The ladies house was chocked full of clothes ( I forgot to take a picture of the black and white striped jumpsuit thing that is in the box. Dont worry, I am not going to wear it. I am donating it to the local ballet studio who is in need of crazy funky costumes. ) and there was some many holiday decorations that there was a room dedicated to each holiday. So when I finally made it into the garage, it was full of vintage floral stuff. I had so much fun digging through every thing and I was pleased with what I found.

Moss Covered Adventures

Cardigan- Justice ::: Green Shirt- Childrens Place ::: Necklace- From my jewelry stash ::: Shoes-Nina kids

I wanted you to meet my sister, Grace Anna. Isnt she cute? She has wanted to be on my blog, so I did a photo shoot just for her. This morning I picked out her clothes and went down by our creek and posed for me.  It was nice and cool outside, I could even see my breath.The funny thing is that I love her outfit, but she took it off after the camera was put away.

Keepin it Simple

Shirt- Target::: Jeans- Aeropostale::: Shoes- Rue21::: Deer skin strap- Local Beadshop

 You havent seen my hair up yet have you? It was warmin up so I couldnt wait to wear my hair up with out catching cold. My inspiration for my hair came from a post from ABeautifulMess .Wearing the deerskin strap adds that 70s flair that I love.I have to say the shirt/sweater is one of the softest things I own! It reminds me a lot of what IgobyKatie would wear.

What is so special about the rust colored stone you say? Well it was given to me by one of the jewelers in Stanleys. I have been going to the store with my Mom and Dad ever since I could walk. I was about 5 when they gave the cracked glass stone and thought it was the greatest thing ever. For years I had lost it, then found in the back of my closet ( how it got there I dont know )  . Lost it once again and years later found it today while cleaning out the car ( No I do not clean out the car every several years. It would be nasty and stink to high heaven if I did. ) . I am trying to find a setting that I can put the stone in and wear around my neck. This is probably one of my first posts for me not to wear jewelry. And if you know me, I love to wear some kind of jewelry.

Valentines Day


Skirt- Vintage::: Grey button up shirt- Woolsworth::: Red Sweater- Aeropostale::: Tights- Dillards::: Shoes- via Savers::: Vintage Sunglasses- From my uncle::: Brooch- Handmade by me

Happy Valentines Day! Here in Arkansas it finally warmed up enough to melt all of this snow we've been havin. Our family hosted a small valentine party for all the young kids that we know. It was very simple.....M&M Bingo, Valentine scrapbooks ( To put you valentines in after you stuffed your face with the candy you recieved ), and coloring pages. All of the kids had a blast. I did not bring the felt Valentine Fortune Cookies to the party but they were fun to make. The snow was bright at the time I took the pictures so I decided to wear my Uncles old sunglasses. What is really cool is that everything I see out of my sunglasses is tinted yellow. 

How was your Valentines Day?

Minty freshness

Ok. So your probably wondering who that lady is in the vintage looking pictures, right? Well the lady is my mom and the guy is her senior boyfriend at prom. This weekend my sister and I went to a tea party our church hosts every year. My friends and I dress up in prom style attire and help out. 
Hold up a sec. This is a dress my Mom wore as a senior and I am just a sophomore. Crazy huh. I am glad Mom chose to marry my Dad, because he is cuter than her senior date.

This necklace is the same one my Mom wore with this dress.

The only memories Mom had about the dress was that her moms tastes differed from hers when choosing a dress. After going to many stores and shops they agreed on this one. Mom remembered liking the style more so than the color. The minty green shade is one of the best things about the dress for me personally. These heels are just a mere 4 inches high, I am going to see I can wear them this season.

Do you have any fond prom or homecoming memories?


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