Minty freshness

Ok. So your probably wondering who that lady is in the vintage looking pictures, right? Well the lady is my mom and the guy is her senior boyfriend at prom. This weekend my sister and I went to a tea party our church hosts every year. My friends and I dress up in prom style attire and help out. 
Hold up a sec. This is a dress my Mom wore as a senior and I am just a sophomore. Crazy huh. I am glad Mom chose to marry my Dad, because he is cuter than her senior date.

This necklace is the same one my Mom wore with this dress.

The only memories Mom had about the dress was that her moms tastes differed from hers when choosing a dress. After going to many stores and shops they agreed on this one. Mom remembered liking the style more so than the color. The minty green shade is one of the best things about the dress for me personally. These heels are just a mere 4 inches high, I am going to see I can wear them this season.

Do you have any fond prom or homecoming memories?

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