Valentines Day


Skirt- Vintage::: Grey button up shirt- Woolsworth::: Red Sweater- Aeropostale::: Tights- Dillards::: Shoes- via Savers::: Vintage Sunglasses- From my uncle::: Brooch- Handmade by me

Happy Valentines Day! Here in Arkansas it finally warmed up enough to melt all of this snow we've been havin. Our family hosted a small valentine party for all the young kids that we know. It was very simple.....M&M Bingo, Valentine scrapbooks ( To put you valentines in after you stuffed your face with the candy you recieved ), and coloring pages. All of the kids had a blast. I did not bring the felt Valentine Fortune Cookies to the party but they were fun to make. The snow was bright at the time I took the pictures so I decided to wear my Uncles old sunglasses. What is really cool is that everything I see out of my sunglasses is tinted yellow. 

How was your Valentines Day?

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