Keepin it Simple

Shirt- Target::: Jeans- Aeropostale::: Shoes- Rue21::: Deer skin strap- Local Beadshop

 You havent seen my hair up yet have you? It was warmin up so I couldnt wait to wear my hair up with out catching cold. My inspiration for my hair came from a post from ABeautifulMess .Wearing the deerskin strap adds that 70s flair that I love.I have to say the shirt/sweater is one of the softest things I own! It reminds me a lot of what IgobyKatie would wear.

What is so special about the rust colored stone you say? Well it was given to me by one of the jewelers in Stanleys. I have been going to the store with my Mom and Dad ever since I could walk. I was about 5 when they gave the cracked glass stone and thought it was the greatest thing ever. For years I had lost it, then found in the back of my closet ( how it got there I dont know )  . Lost it once again and years later found it today while cleaning out the car ( No I do not clean out the car every several years. It would be nasty and stink to high heaven if I did. ) . I am trying to find a setting that I can put the stone in and wear around my neck. This is probably one of my first posts for me not to wear jewelry. And if you know me, I love to wear some kind of jewelry.

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