Walkin in a winter wonderland

As I am writing this post the snow is comin down hard! So this morning I ate pumpkin pancakes, braved the weather, went Estate Sale shopping, and this is what I wore.The vest that I am wearing used to be a coat that was my Moms. We cut the puffy nylon sleeves off and kept the fuzzy sheepskin. It is very warm and very vintage!

This post by DelightfullyTacky inspired me to buy a pretty shade of nail polish and wear it.

The vest looks so similar to the almost 400 dollar UGG version. Mine is vintage and virtually free!

Sweater- Charlotte Russe:::Vest-Vintage:::Jeans-Aeropostale:::Boots-UGG

If you were wondering what I got at the sale, just take a look!

On the shelf back in a bedroom was an old Arkansas History book. Every Arkansan needs one!

For the little playhouse out back I purchased some pans to make mudpies in.

 The vintage hymnals are going to be used in my projects.

How is your snow day?


  1. What a great vest and finds at the estate sale! Good hunting! Alyssa of Boston bee



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