Out among the trees

 It was a gorgeous day outside, not only to take pictures but to bask in the sunshine after the winter coldness. Yesterday I went thrifting and found some vintage items. I have always admired what other people have found thrifting but never found anything spectacular or interesting. But I was pleased with what I found. 

I am excited about the very vintage clothes and styles that are coming out and are popular this year. The high waisted items are easy for my skinny self to fit into and are super comfy! 

 Shirt- Target :::: Vest- Forever 21 ( I have had it forever ) :::: Skirt- Vintage via Etsy :::: Belt- Came with Skirt ::::Tights- Dillards clearance :::: Shoes via Savers

Let me know what you think!


  1. Gotta love Etsy! And I agree, I love the vintage styles that are coming out more and more, especially the high-waisted items :)thanks for posting a pic on Thrifty Thursday!



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