Look once, Look twice

My latest obsession is the collage barrettes that I have made.

For me, inspiration comes from many places.The past couple of days I have spent inside because of the weather so it gave me some time to sort through and reorganize my tackle box. I came across things that would be great as a center piece in a barrette collage. The pink and blue piece in the barrette pictured above came from the bottom of a dirty sewing basket. I wonder how it made its way to the bottom, out of site until I came and rescued it. The big crystal piece came off of a vintage ring I bought from a local shop. The 2 flowers that are tucked under it were screaming for me to buy them on Etsy.  My Mom has memories of buying the kitty button to use in a project for my baby clothes or accesories. The pink button that looks cute with it was bought when I went to a Piano Camp and stopped in a tiny antique store on the way. The first barrette shown displays some of my unique buttons that I have collected over the years from Estate Sales and fleamarkets. 


  1. Callie, the barrettes are beautiful!

    how did you make them? (from Lilly)

  2. Wow! These are so pretty and such a creative idea! I'm sooo using this idea. I have so much broken jewelry that I have been trying to figure out how to put to use! So thank you! :)



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