Guest post by Kileen from CuteandLittle

Hi guys! I want you to meet sweet Kileen from her blog CuteandLittle. Isnt she cute? : )

When you started your blog, did you want it to be about fashion or did it just evolve into a fashion blog? 
My blog actually started out being both about fashion and makeup.  The fashion just ended up working out better for me though and I now focus primarily on fashion / style related posts with a few postings every now and then about beauty / makeup.  :)  It's amazing how not only has my blog evolved since I started it, but even my style has evolved!  I'm so inspired by the other fashion bloggers out there that I've definitely become more aware of my fashion choices now.  

forever 21 lace cover top bebe pink top loft ribbon waistband pencil skirt aldo withey pumps louis vuitton ellipse purse michael kors rose gold watch mk5430

Who are your fav. bloggers right now?
My current list of favorites include:  Kendi Everyday (seriously, who doesn't love Kendi?), The DaybookHer Waise ChoiceI Am Khatu,Extra PetiteWendy's LookbookI Am Style-ishLittle Girl Big Closet...  The list could seriously go on for miles.  I have so many favorite blogs out there that I read on a daily basis and I'm constantly on the lookout for new reads too!

i.n.c. v-neck urban outfitters bdg cigarette jeans polka dot belted scarf michael kors rose gold watch mk5430 chanel lambskin flap purse ann taylor skinny belt

What would your dream day or weekend consist of?
My dream day or weekend doesn't involve specifics, but it would definitely involve traveling somewhere.   I love exploring new places, experiencing new things, and escaping from the routines of daily life.  And of course it would have to be spent with my fiance!  :)  

gap corsage cardigan bellini peach j. crew melon lunette mini aldo withey rebecca minkoff mac clutch magenta michael kors rose gold watch mk5430 forever 21 coral belt

Are there certain people who inspire your clothing style?
All my favorite bloggers out there inspire my daily style.  I love seeing different pieces mixed and matched together and am constantly looking for styles that push my own comfort zone and encourage me to try something new.

Since you have a small body frame, do you ever alter your clothing?
All. The. Time.  Right now I'm really lucky because my mom also lives within a half hour's drive from me and can tailor my clothes when necessary.  But before I was lucky enough to have my own personal (free) tailor, I ended up altering the majority of my clothes.  I took a few sewing lessons several years ago as my alteration bill was just getting out of hand otherwise; it definitely paid off within a few months!

LOFT Ruffle Cardigan F21 Red Skirt Gap Ruffle Blouse

How would you describe your personality?
My personality is a weird mix of geeky and girly.  I'm a computer programmer by day and love all things that involve technology.  After hours, though, you'll most likely find me reading through fashion magazines, playing with makeup, and catching up on my favorite tv shows (I'm a Gleek...).  I'm super easy-going and love to go out and enjoy life to the fullest!

loft striped shirt pink skinny belt urban outfitters paperbag trousers louis vuitton speedy forever 21 pink statement necklace

I see that you wear a lot of heels. Do you have any flats in your closet?
I do have 2 pairs of flats -- one black and one silver.  I don't wear them much now except to go back and forth from the parking garage and yoga class...  :) 

j. crew placket cardigan loft abstract floral shell michael kors rose gold watch mk5430 aldo whitsey yesstyle chanel quilted beige purse

Thanks for sharing Kileen!


Lost and Found

Checkered shirt- Old Navy::: Shorts- Vintage pants altered::: Belt- Rue21::: Shoes- Clark's outlet store::: Bag- Fossil

So I have lost my camera charger. I have a habit of not putting things back where I found them. Do you do that too? First it is the house key, then my  wallet of all things and now my camera charger. When will it end! Ugh! After I drained the battery,  I thought the charger would show up soon but that charger still liked being in its hiding place. Making a trip to Best Buy with just 20.00 in my pocket,  I discovered that chargers are not that cheap. ( Aren't chargers supposed to be cheap so like when you lose one it does not hurt your wallet? )  Mom said I could use her camera and I discovered one of the unique features that her camera has. It takes 16 continual pictures and combines them into one picture. I have been goofing off by making faces for the camera. 

Oh and before I forget I have new jewelry pieces in my Etsy shop!
Just click on my shop button on my sidebar!

Seeing other bloggers show what is in their purse, I thought I would do the same. 
My purse contents include

Navy fossil wallet
Altoids mints- Creme De Le Menthe
Cell phone
Foldable sunglasses in their case
House keys
Ortho bands
Lip gloss
Jolly Rancher ( I call it a happy farmer. )

 Some say " You can tell a women's personality by what is in their purse". I am some what of a simple person, but the item I do get tend to be more unique and interesting.

ps. If you see my charger around your house let me know! 

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Confessions of a Frugal Mind

My Life so far

Shirt- New York & Company::: Crochet cardigan- Forever 21::: Skirt- Goodwill clearance::: Belt- Rue21::: Shoes- Merino via Target::: Sling purse- Arizona fleamarket

So I have been like sooooo busy.  Friday starts off with a day of errands, cleaning and participating in a science fair.  Saturday rolls around and I am off to a local collage to participate in a piano competition. The collage campus is so gorgeous with the cool breeze rustling the flowers in bloom and the shade from the ancient trees.  Walking around the campus made me think of all the hours we spend running around doing this or that and I think there is no time to stop and smell the roses. Spring is only here for a short amount of time, so why let season go by unnoticed?

Always remember to slow down in life; live, breathe, and learn: take a look around you whenever you have time and never forget everything and every person that has the least 
place within your heart
Author- Anonymous

Actually I could have been thrifting or acting crazy because of our tight schedule that day but how could I not spend a little bit of time on the campus?

Ok so here are the pictures from a random day last week.  I was so excited about how the oxford heels got a glitter makeover. After purchasing them ( You can see what the looked like before in my previous post. ) I thought they were in need of a makeover.  So I went and followed this tutorial and I am pleased how they turned out! 

Shirt- New York & Company::: Cardigan- Gap via Platos Closet::: Jeans- Aero::: Shoes- via Savers but upcycled by me!::: Necklace- Handmade by me

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Shirt- Goodwill:::Pants- Forever 21::: Boots- Gifted:::Necklace-Handmade by me!

 My Mom and sister were so sweet by letting me thrift shop to my hearts content, in honor of my Sweet Sixteen!  The stores included Goodwill, Goodwill clearance center, Savers, and Galaxy Furniture.
 When I went to Goodwill I found this vintage top ( along with other things I bought ), so when I got home I quickly changed into the new shirt because it is so amazing!  I actually have another vintage shirt from the same company.  The brand name is called Jack Winter.  I love looking at what the vintage clothing companies are called, they are all so unusual.  So for dinner I chose to eat at P.F Chang's ( I gorge myself on the gluten free chinese. Yum! ) Also I opened my birthday gifts there.  Some of the gifts included a bicycle basket and a moccasin kit.  While I am writing this post I am wearing the moccasins I made from the kit. They are so comfortable!

The pictures below are what I found thrifting.
There is a venetian wool skirt, cute navy polka dot skirt, vintage top, cream and black polka dot blouse, and a gap corduroy jacket.

I can't believe I found Banana Repulic shoes at Savers!  The oxford inspired heels are going to get some sparkly wing tips and heels.

I just had to pick up this shirt.  Too funny!

ps. I am thinking about starting a linky party called "What I found and what I wore".  What do you think?

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A guest post from Thrifted Things

Here is a guest post from the lovely Katherine of

When you go thrifting, do you have certain items in mind or do you just go and have an open mind?
·         It honestly just depends. I’m always on the hunt for oxfords, boots, florals. But I usually just go with an open mind and things just end up working out.

What bloggers inspire you right now?
Ahh, SO many. I love Kristine. Or Polly.(, The Four Sister  Say  More is More (, I believe in unicorns (, Wearing it on my Sleeves(, The Daybook (, I have so many people I pretty much worship, but I probably stalk these ladies the most.

You had mentioned about having about 100 pairs of shoes, where do you keep them all?
·         I have a shoe wall... It’s a little ridiculous to be honest. They’re really book selves but I put all of my shoes on them…

Do you have any hobbies besides blogging? ( If you call that a hobby )
·         I LOVE sewing and reconstructing clothing. It’s my favorite, I love hiking and being outdoors, I love playing basketball, reading, just the usual everyday activities.

Do you plan your outfits the night before or is it an adventure in the morning putting together clothing combinations to wear?
·         When I’m going to school, I usually think of the outfit the night before, just so it saves time. But when I’m home for school, it’s just an adventure in the morning of what to wear!

Have you ever had any fashion faux pas?
·         Hm, well I love high wasted pants… so I guess I could be a victim of “mom jeans”

What would your dream day consist of?
·         Just being around the people I love, thrifting, laughing, just enjoying the blessings I’m given. I’m easy to please :)

Thanks for sharing Katherine!

Ps. I absolutely LOVE her perfectly wavy hair!


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