Lost and Found

Checkered shirt- Old Navy::: Shorts- Vintage pants altered::: Belt- Rue21::: Shoes- Clark's outlet store::: Bag- Fossil

So I have lost my camera charger. I have a habit of not putting things back where I found them. Do you do that too? First it is the house key, then my  wallet of all things and now my camera charger. When will it end! Ugh! After I drained the battery,  I thought the charger would show up soon but that charger still liked being in its hiding place. Making a trip to Best Buy with just 20.00 in my pocket,  I discovered that chargers are not that cheap. ( Aren't chargers supposed to be cheap so like when you lose one it does not hurt your wallet? )  Mom said I could use her camera and I discovered one of the unique features that her camera has. It takes 16 continual pictures and combines them into one picture. I have been goofing off by making faces for the camera. 

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Seeing other bloggers show what is in their purse, I thought I would do the same. 
My purse contents include

Navy fossil wallet
Altoids mints- Creme De Le Menthe
Cell phone
Foldable sunglasses in their case
House keys
Ortho bands
Lip gloss
Jolly Rancher ( I call it a happy farmer. )

 Some say " You can tell a women's personality by what is in their purse". I am some what of a simple person, but the item I do get tend to be more unique and interesting.

ps. If you see my charger around your house let me know! 

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  1. i love that you altered those shorts! i guess that's what you have to do to get what you really want!



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