A guest post from Thrifted Things

Here is a guest post from the lovely Katherine of ThriftedThings.blogspot.com

When you go thrifting, do you have certain items in mind or do you just go and have an open mind?
·         It honestly just depends. I’m always on the hunt for oxfords, boots, florals. But I usually just go with an open mind and things just end up working out.

What bloggers inspire you right now?
Ahh, SO many. I love Kristine. Or Polly.( http://kristinemachine.blogspot.com/), The Four Sister  Say  More is More (http://sisters4saymoreismore.blogspot.com), I believe in unicorns (http://writingrainbows.blogspot.com/), Wearing it on my Sleeves(http://wearingitonmysleeves.blogspot.com/), The Daybook (tandsdaybook.blogspot.com), I have so many people I pretty much worship, but I probably stalk these ladies the most.

You had mentioned about having about 100 pairs of shoes, where do you keep them all?
·         I have a shoe wall... It’s a little ridiculous to be honest. They’re really book selves but I put all of my shoes on them…

Do you have any hobbies besides blogging? ( If you call that a hobby )
·         I LOVE sewing and reconstructing clothing. It’s my favorite, I love hiking and being outdoors, I love playing basketball, reading, just the usual everyday activities.

Do you plan your outfits the night before or is it an adventure in the morning putting together clothing combinations to wear?
·         When I’m going to school, I usually think of the outfit the night before, just so it saves time. But when I’m home for school, it’s just an adventure in the morning of what to wear!

Have you ever had any fashion faux pas?
·         Hm, well I love high wasted pants… so I guess I could be a victim of “mom jeans”

What would your dream day consist of?
·         Just being around the people I love, thrifting, laughing, just enjoying the blessings I’m given. I’m easy to please :)

Thanks for sharing Katherine!

Ps. I absolutely LOVE her perfectly wavy hair!


  1. you are quite sweet :) thank you for the feature!

  2. Love this interview...she is adorable!! I love The Daybook, too!



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