If only they could talk

My baby, Alabama Thursday. He decided to join me during the photo shoot. But quickly decided to run after a bird.

Cardigan- American Eagle via Savers::: Shirt- Target::: Jeans- Target via thrift store::: Shoes- Coco Chanel via thrift store.

 Hey I am back.  Remember me?  Well I did go one Estate Sale this weekend but I am just now talking about it.  I got a 3 dollar basket of thread and a cute yellow velvet pillow.  In love! The three quilts that I am taking pictures on is a collection of mine that is slowly growing.  The only time I buy a quilt is when it is SUPER cheap or I fall in love with it.  Ok so let me tell you about my red, white and blue checkered quilt. I went to a flea market with my friends and found it only a shelf marked 75% off.  I quickly grabbed it and the total cost came to 7.50.  I cant believe I got it!  The gold and white earrings also came home with me from the same flea market as well.

The quilt pictured below was an 8 dollar quilt I snagged at an estate sale right when it opened. It has some rips but that only adds to the character of it.  My other quilt ( Seen in the first few pictures ) is my very first quilt I bought.  I came from a flea market and I got for about 15 dollars.  Something about old quilts fascinate me.  Was it an heirloom present forgotten and sold many years later?  Or was it created by a dear old grandmother given to her grand daughter intended to be loved and used until it was in tatters? Oh how I wish fabric could talk.

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  1. love your quilts, Callie! And your cute kitty's name, Alabama Thursday. :)

    Hope you found lots more goodies at the estate sale today! Thanks for stopping by my little moving sale.



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