10 things about me

I have read where other bloggers have done it so I want to as well.

10 Things about me:

1. I am obsessed with Estate Sales because of all the goodies and vintage galore! If you haven't noticed I wear a lot of vintage clothes. But please don't give me the 80's shoulder pads. 

2. I have a kitty, Alabama Thursday, whom I love dearly. He greets me in the morning with his meows and purring, and is very soft. Though at times he turns into a very vicious thing.

3. I am learning how to make classical ballet tutus and making headpieces for the local ballet studio.

4. I am loving chevron, fringe and feathers right now!!

5. My room is a creative canvas that I love to decorate with all of my vintage finds and create things. The  walls are robins egg blue and I have pops of red and dark blue in my stuff. Recently I toned down my creative mess, but it will soon be filled up again.

6. I love to travel to different cities to experiance different places. Of course shopping is high upon the list of sight seeing. Think of all the vintage and thrift shops to visit!

7. I am gluten intolorent so cooking special foods all the time is a must. My favorite recipe that I make is Roasted Potato Leek soup.

8. I have a soft spot for old books such as the Trixie Belden, Donna Parker, and Cherry Ames series. My bookshelf is stuffed with all kinds of old books too. When I hold a book in my hand I feel connected to the story. I dont feel like I am really reading a book when I read the electronic version.

9. What would I do without good friends? The real kind where you can tell them anything and laugh together and talk about it a long time afterwards.

10. I love winter days when you wear cozy sweaters, curl up drinking hot chocolate in an old quilt with a cat purring by your side.

Thanks for letting me share with you,

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