Pink Saturation

Cardigan- Forever 21::: Shirt- Via Starr's moving sale::: Jeans- Thifted::: Shoes- Fossil via Dillard's:::Earring- Made by me

Have you ever seen pink on me before? Well I am actually surprised that I like bought a pink shirt. When I went to Starr's moving sale, this shirt stood out to me. When I stand back and look at it I wonder what possessed me to buy it? Well for years I wouldn't buy anything that had even a smidge of that color on it. ( I even bought a purple shirt yesterday *gasp*, yes purple is another color I don't buy normally). Also the shoes have pink on it too that I thought would match the shirt when I pulled them out of there off season resting place. I am so excited about the seasons changing! Last night I switched my closet out from fall/winter to spring/summer. Changing my closet out always gets me excited about wearing new combinations of clothes.

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  1. Callie, I could definitely "see" you as you described yourself. Good job!



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