Ballet costumes....just getting started

This spring our local ballet studio is preforming Alice In Wonderland.  This is quite a big production, over 100 costumes to make or alter!  I am also making some of the headpieces to go with the costumes! The tulle shown in the pictures is for the wildflowers.  The purple and periwinkle colors will have a dark purple bodice ( The top part of a tutu ) and the pink and coral colors will have a hot pink bodice.  I sewed for 4 hours today, so I am exhausted but really excited about the unique and crazy costumes!! 

Where Heather and Rebecca sew. 

All of our fabrics to choose from.

Heather fitting bodices. The red bodice is part of the Pack of Cards tutu. 

Counting all of the pieces to sew and finish. ( There are 12 skirts + 24 layers per skirt. Phew! ) 

These are the pieces for the wildflower tutus. I love how all of the electric sherbet colors will pop on the stage.

My sewing corner.

ps. In the next couple of weeks there will be more posts about costumes and pictures of the finished costumes. Stay posted!

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  1. how exciting! What a great thing to be a part of



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