A peek into my closet

I so enjoy peeking into someone elses closet and jewelry stash. Getting dressed in the morning is my favorite time of day, that's when my inner little girl comes out trying on different combos and remixing what I have in my closet.  I challenge myself to try on different color combinations and try them on even if I don't think they would look good together. Sometimes I surprise myself! A lot of my clothes are vintage with new and thrift store items mixed in.  Oh and I finally finished the skirt pictured below! I had made another version from the same skirt pattern here. My outfit combo felt so British and summery. My next clothing project is making a cute summer dress out of vintage aqua colored sailboat fabric. Also tomorrow is peach picking an estate sale shopping. Its going to be a great day tomorrow!

Dont forget to enter my Vintage giveaway! I pick a winner Saturday July 23.


  1. :::Outfit Details:::
    Shirt-Banana Republic via Savers
    Skirt- Made by me!
    Hat- Walmart

  2. i am sooo jealous of your closet!!! its so cute and you have so many clothes...my closet isnt cuts and doesnt have that many clothes in it...theyre mostly on the floor haha...i should work on that. LOVE the skirt!! the colors and fabric are really cute! you did a great job!!

  3. Wow, you have the perfect closet! I love the organization! My closet is a hot mess haha!


  4. Your closet is so dreamy! I would love to take a gander at all of your pretty things, especially dresses. And your closet is so organized (I need to do this). The skirt turned out nicely as well! I am loving the pattern. xx



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