Peach Picking and Estate Sale Shopping

Outfit::: Shirt- Target::: Shorts- F21 ( Old! )

Early Friday morning I was off to go Peach Picking.  My family and some of our friends went with us to a nearby orchard to pick our own fruit.  Since the weather has been hot it was nice having an overcast sky and a bit of a breeze.  Grabbing bags and a wagon the orchard people provided we walked eagerly towards the fruit trees.  To our surprise there were plenty of hard peaches and the good ones were near the top.  But when I found a good peach, oooooohhh it tasted so good.  Biting into a warm peach right off the tree and the sweet juices running out of the corners of my mouth, it was divine.  After paying for the peaches we carted our full stomaches and the bags of picked fruit to the car and headed towards their local veggie and fruit stand.  Mom was hoping to find sweet corn but instead brought home a watermelon.

Later that day our plan was to go to two Estate Sales.  But we didnt look at when they closed so that when we were ready to go *sniff sniff*, they had already closed for the day.  As soon as the sale opened we were there trying to find vintage treasures.  The first sale we popped by had a lot of sewing things and clothes.  I picked out a partially finished polka dot dress, which I will complete, a 70's striped shirt, vintage patterns, a very cool vintage umbrella, vintage ruler, and a pair of 60's eyeglasses!  The other sale was like I walked into an 80's time warp.  Everywhere I looked I saw 80's, from the decor to the clothes to the knickknack, even the overall house itself hadnt been updated since that era.  Anyway I did end up getting some fabric, and 2 childrens clothing pieces.

It was so much fun looking through the big selection.

Vintage Patterns oh my!

There was lots of little goodies in the workshop. 

Now it needs to rain!

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  1. Wow- that's a lot of stuff left for a follow up sale day. Looks like fun.

    Of course you have to taste the peaches as you pick to figure out which are the best to take home.

  2. Ohh, I love peaches! That dress is amazing!


  3. Loving it! How I miss my peach tree... and how jealous I am of your umbrella!


  4. Just found your blog and its lovely!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  5. Can u believe I've never been to an estate sale? One day hopefully.


    P.s. I love your closet

  6. It looks like you had a great time. I wish I could have gone with you!

  7. Holy cow those peaches look divine! And yes, it must rain with an umbrella like that!

  8. Oh my! I've never been to an estate sale but this makes me wanna go...BADLY!!



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