A Gingham Picnic

Outfit details
Shirt- Thrifted Vintage
Skirt- handmade via Goodwill
Belt- Thrifted
Shoes- via Savers

Whenever I wear this shirt I think of an afternoon picnic. 
Here is a poem that describes a beautiful picnic.

After the picnic,
evidence of red and white plaid table cloths
lie on the grass,
tossed carelessly,
accompanied by bones of chicken
in empty plastic containers,
as the radio plays the lullaby,
for two people cuddled up in a fetal position,
sleeping in the open air, trusting and naive,
and in love,
on a lazy, summer afternoon,
as the wind moves their hair and tablecloth slightly
while the sun goes down, over the fields they lie in
after the picnic.

Written by Madi Rose via Helium.com

This outfit is also my first completed thrifted outfit. I usually have some kind of thrifted or vintage item on my, but to have all of the pieces be thrifted.....it is an accomplishment for me!
My new favorite item to buy is
Vintage swimwear!
Even though I have been to the pool once or twice this summer! haha!
This red cotton beauty came from an Estate Sale

The last trip to Saver unearthed this treasure!

My favorite 2 dollar swimsuit from Starr's Moving sale!


  1. oh my gosh i am in LOVE with all of those swim suits!! and i also love your new blog design!

  2. How cute are you! That outfit totally says summer picnic.
    The vintage swimsuits make me smile. The first one is very Lucille Ball.
    I can picture you in the last one. Styling at the pool, with a big hat and oversize shades.

  3. Such a cute outfit! Your hair is so enviable.

    Also, that first swimsuit... wow. SO cute! You could probably put a cute skirt over it and just wear it as a cute summery top too!



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