Where I've been and what I've done

I am so excited because this weekend my months of hard work are finally on stage.
The ballet is called Alice in Wonderland.  My part in helping is creating alot of the headpieces and embellishing certain costumes and certain pieces of costumes.
Our studio owner and ballet director Rebecca Stalcup choreographed the ballet from scratch and added her own flair.  To complement her amazing ability of creating the dance part, Heather Gray match that with amazing costumes.  Heather, Heather, Heather is all I have heard this past couple of days and weeks because she seemed to have the answers for all of our costume problems.  ( Heather is the head costume designer and creator.  She has been training me in costumes along with her assistant Rebecca Esch)  Today was the first day of performances.  We have had 2 school performances today, 2 tomorrow, 2 Saturday, and a matinee on Sunday.

Here are a collection of snapshots from dress rehearsal at the studio and the performance today.

Alice and the white rabbit 

Cheshire cat and Alice

The duchess.  Mom and I made the headpiece

The bird masks were embellished and painted by me.

The little rabbit vests were my favorite ones to embellish.  Oh and the rabbit masks were one of my estate sale finds.

There is my sister is the one having her bodice hooked together.

Heathers car stuffed to the brim with costumes on their way to the theatre.

What do you think of the backstage room for the young ones?

The monitor where I watch the ballet from backstage.

Heather with the Queen of Hearts wig.

Mom painted the panels in the Queen of Hearts costume.

Mom is hooking a card bodice together. I made the headpiece. Isn't the feather a fun touch?

Matt ( The white rabbit ) said I was pretty sneaky with the camera. Haha

Ooohhhh the Mad Hatter!

Here is the baby

The Cockus Race birds before we changed them.

The dodo

The eagle

The Lory bird. ( Yes we fixed the yellow ankle tutu after the picture )

The butterfly and one of the wildflowers.

I made the headpiece from a plastic topiary ball cut in half with electric pink and purple flowers to match the bodices.

The dormouse. The headpiece is made from a donated lampshade with treasures from our basement. 

The fish and the frog. The fish headpiece was made by Heather, painted and embellished by me.

My sister and her friends rose headpieces were made from Christmas burlap that are used to wrap around Christmas trees as a garland.

Aren't the flamingos cute?

Dress- vintage via Starrs moving sale::: Shirt- Vintage via Estate Sale::: Shoes- Kensie via Moms closet::: Necklace- Handmade by me

I watched the 12:00 show and enjoyed it immensely. I thought that it would be fun to wear an Alice inspired outfit. Theres nothing like seeing your months of hard work being enjoyed by others  


  1. Ahh, that looked like so much fun! And those costumes were awesome! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Great job, Callie! I'm so proud of you. The costumes and headpieces were wonderful. Loving you. Gloria

  3. Just beautiful, Callie! It must be sooo much fun to help design costumes and headpieces. I'm sure your talent was a huge asset to this ballet production.

    Thanks for linking to my party. I would love to have you join me each week. Be sure to stop in tonight and see yourself featured. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  4. The costumes were gorgeous! I just wish I had been able to attend the ballet to see them in action.



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