A guest post from SteffysProsandCons

Here is the lovely Steffy of Steffy'sProsandCons. She was so sweet in responding to a guest post request.

Where do you get daily inspiration for your outfits?

I find almost all of my inspiration from other bloggers around the internet. My two favorite blogs above any others are Flashes of Style and Fancy Treehouse, i think they combine my girly side and my vintage side... and they both give me new ideas every day!

If you could have an unlimited clothing budget where would you spend it?

I would spend all of my budget at my two favorite thrift stores... urban jungle in brooklyn and flamingo plaza in miami!
 What is your morning routine?

hm, well it depends. it always begins with grabbing my computer on the floor next to my bed and reading through e-mails and commenting on my fav. blogs on bloglovin. then i usually go for a 3 mile run or to the gym, followed by picking up an iced coffee either at cafe demetrios, the french restaurant or starbucks! these are the productive days though... :)

Your shop is called Tea and Tulips, is there a story behind the name or was it just a name that you liked?

ha! I originally opened the shop with my best bud sara, and we brainstormed via fb chat (she was in colombia at the time) for weeks before we decided on that name. we thought it was classy!

Where do you like to go thrifting and do you have any tips?

i thrift basically anywhere with reasonably priced clothes. i am always scoping out new places to go, and making the treck to random ghetto areas in miami where the best stores tend to be. my number one tip is to pick a color scheme. whether it be your favorite color or the color you like the most at the moment, this helps you to narrow down the type of items you are looking for. OR i make a list of what is missing most in my wardrobe before i even enter the store. 

 What are your favorite color combos right now?

i am loving rusty browns mixed with pastel pinks right now. maybe because that is what i have on today.. ha! 

 And lastly, what are your favorite summer ideas and trends for fashions right now?

my all time favorite summer trends are pleated skirts, thin material trousers and anything that can save me from the florida heat! 

 Thanks for popping by Steff!



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