The recreation files- Edwardian skaters

Pinterest is a great way for me to get inspired to sew, and I came across this illustration of Edwardian skater outfits that would be amazing to recreate. I have a problem with wanting to do too many projects at once (heck I haven't even finished my civil war dress!), but I still like to research my patterns and supplies needed to create my next costume. The 2 dresses below are super cute, I love them both! I would want to create the one on the right first, the skirt pattern details are just adorable!

Looking at this fashion plate I can start to break down the costume. It looks like it could be a dress but it would be easier to create a skirt and top. For the top, I would use a vintage dress pattern but convert it into a top by just simply shortening it. This vintage pattern gives asymmetrical opening and I would add another button. Adding an underarm gusset would give myself more arm movement. 

The skirt would be made from a 1905 repro. pattern that can be easily shortened to the correct hem length as the one illustrated. The color and fabric of the skirt would be an italian heather grey woolThe wool would give a nice drape along with extra warmth. The edges of the skirt have thin lines which I interpret as multiple folds, like a descending accordion fold with each fold stitched down. For the waist band I would take the waist band pattern piece, increase the height and use the same fabric technique as the skirt edge, all reinforced with stiff interfacing. 
The detail on the skirt would be something I improvise and come up with on my own and sewn on top. 

Footwear would not be ice skates (impractical!) but I found some reproduction boots that would be a similar look.

For accessories, I would need to have gloves, a fur neck piece and hat. 
At first glance it appears that the jacket has the fur on the cuffs, but it would make more sense to have the fur on the gloves. For the neck scarf, this one would be perfect. 
I found a great ready made hat that had the same silhouette as the one in the illustration. I may remove the tie from the back of the hat and add black pom poms (I think that is whats on the hat) to tie it in with the skirt. 

Hopefully this outfit will be made in the future!


I will wear red stockings to add some extra fun to this outfit.  

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