Hello Blogging world! Its been too long. When I started this blog, I felt the need to try and imitate other fashion blogs, get thousands of followers, etc. I though that would make me better as a person. In fact it did not. I became upset and depressed and lost my focus as a blogger. But what was my focus?
Seeing and reading fashion blogs was inspiring to put together my outfits and I wanted to imitate what I saw. But was that what I was really passionate about? I had not realized yet that fashion blogging wasn't necessarily for me. I began doing sewing costumes on the side for my sisters ballet studio. Slowly, I became more engrossed in that and fashion blogging didn't seem as important. Don't get me wrong, I still love reading those types of blogs, but reading and actually blogging about it is 2 different things. When I put together a post, I felt like there wasn't much to say, "I got this sweater while thrifting", "This outfit reminds me of my grandpas sweater", and etc. But if I talked about sewing or historical costumes/clothing I feel that there is more to talk and to learn about. 
Fast forward a few years, my sewing career has taken off, I finished up high school and now I am a freshman in college. Its weird that I haven't posted anything, but I haven't has anything to say until now. Now I am refocussing this blog into a sort of historical costume/fashion blog, costumes I am working on etc. The name of this blog now has a new meaning, instead of a menagerie, or collection, of fashion outfits, it now reflects the collection of historical clothing and costumes that i have either made/will discuss or have inspired me. 

Welcome back to the new Callie's Menagerie!



  1. I am just thrilled you are back!!! I can't wait to hear all about your creations...

  2. Hi, Callie! I became a follower of yours while you were away, I'm glad you have returned and I look forward to your newly refocused blog! I love the change you have made to the place. :)



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